IMG-20210125-WA0011hgyjg.png was established in 1998. My love for Leadwood (Combretum Imberbe) took me to remote parts of Africa and deep into the bushveld. It is in the African bushveld that I was able to truly understand and found my undying love and respect for the Leadwood tree. Its history dates back thousands of years and has truly become a part of Africa’s history.

Leadwood grows at a rate of 1 (one) mm per year, that is 1 (one) inch every  25 years. Once a tree has died it can remain standing for centuries while the elements slowly carve away creating the weathered look over eons.

Trees are scattered and scarce across the African bushveld and the Leadwood tree has become highly  protected tree under the South African law and each tree requires a permit from the Department of Forestry to be transported or removed from its current location even though it has been dead for hundreds of years.

Under the South  African law no live Leadwood trees are  allowed to be cut down which preserves and protects this part of our legacy. At all permits for export internationally are in place and we apply for the correct permits for each and every piece we acquire.

At we bring a piece of African landscape into your living area with natural shaped veranda posts, bespoke coffee tables, wooden basins, live edge table and bar counters,  natural root dining room tables, unique designed doors and much more.

We strive to provide our customers with the best products at quality prices. Our workmanship is of the highest quality and our finished are flawless.

We also stock a large variety of other indigenous wooden slabs and products such as Matumi, Sand Kiaat, Knob thorn, Kiaat, Jakkalsbessie to name a few. has turned my passion for Leadwood and other wood into an adventure of a lifetime an being able to create unique and customized pieces has enriched my life beyond my wildest expectations.

I invite you to enrich your living area with a piece of history especially designed just for you by

John Kirstein

Founder and CEO